About APSA


There are approximately 255 private schools operating in Arizona. These schools enroll almost 769,000 students at any given moment. More students are enrolled in Arizona private proprietary institutions than the State University systems combined.



The Arizona Private School Association (APSA) is the oldest and largest association of private postsecondary schools in Arizona, with over 70 member schools, and over 40 Associate Members who provide valuable products and services to the private postsecondary sector. APSA has received national acclaim as the 1997 Outstanding State Association. Since its foundation in 1967, APSA has worked closely with state administrations, the legislature, and its regulatory bodies. Member schools offer general education, two and four-year degrees, and vocational certificate programs to over 769, 000 students in any given year.


APSA is proud to offer its member an array of valuable services:


  • Your listing on the APSA Website at www.arizonapsa.org where students, businesses, or other interested persons can learn more about your school and link directly to your Website.
  • Representation of Member Schools on their individual school issues, as well as statewide issues affecting all Private Postsecondary Schools, with the State and National legislature, and State Agencies. APSA has asserted considerable effort on behalf of its members in obtaining successful legislative, administrative and, when necessary, legal outcomes for its membership.
  • Association-led Scholarship Program that provides Private Career Schools with the opportunity to give back to their local community and receive well-deserved recognition.
  • Holding seminars and workshops, which provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to help meet the educational need of staff. Other workshops offered include Admissions, Financial Aid, Accreditation, High School Recruitment, Placement, Teacher Training, Human Resources, legal issues, and other important issues pertaining to our sector.
  • Hosting State Legislative and Annual Conferences. APSA periodically brings schools together in comfortable surroundings around the State to network and hear the latest in private proprietary educational issues and important challenges facing our sector.
  • Information sharing by conferences and seminars, quarterly newsletter, member-only Website, Members-only E-Fax, Legislative Alerts, and personal meetings with APSA staff and board members.
  • Legislative advocacy with the Governor and state Legislature, meetings with authors of legislation affecting your school, testifying on behalf of Private Postsecondary Schools and meeting with legislative staff to educate and inform policy makers on Private School issues.
  • Sector initiatives to increase the role of Private postsecondary institutions in Workforce Development Programs, Welfare Reform programs, Rehabilitation Programs, and many other revenue enhancement programs.
  • Member referral to qualified consultants and sector professionals, such as Attorneys, Educational Consultants, Publishers, Human Resource Companies, Certified Public Accountants, and other firms that specialize in working with Private Postsecondary Schools.
  • Customized Legal Service Plans periodically offered to APSA members at highly discounted rates by leading legal firms that specialize in private proprietary institutions.
  • Relationship-building with other Private Postsecondary Institutions to further the effectiveness and the reputation of our sector in Arizona.