Code of Ethics



APSA Code of Ethics

It is the responsibility of a school to conform to the laws and regulations of each of the states in which it operates and its respective accrediting agencies, and in particular to see that each of its recruiters working in any such state is properly licensed or registered as required by the laws of that state.

No school denies admission based on race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

School personnel do not discredit other schools by imputing to them dishonorable conduct, inability to perform contracts, or make other false representations concerning the character, nature, quality, value, or scope of their courses of instruction.

School personnel do not knowingly influence any student to leave another educational institution nor encourage a person to change plans after signing an enrollment application and paying the registration fee of another school.

Instructors and staff are of good character, are mature, and possess a professional attitude.

Training offered helps prepare students for employment, but no overt or implied claim or guarantee of employment is made at any time.

The extent and nature of placement services provided to students and graduates are as claimed by the school.

School policies and operation are in good taste and follow sound and ethical business practices and each school must have a fair and equitable refund and cancellation policy.

Scholarships are not used as a recruiting enticement to enroll.

The school determines with reasonable certainty that each applicant for enrollment is fully informed about the program desired and what the program can be expected to accomplish and is reasonably qualified to enter the program.