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Winter 2012
The Arizona Private School Association Website Gets a Makeover!

The Arizona Private School Association may be the oldest association of private post-secondary colleges and schools in Arizona but our website just got a modern makeover. The APSA website has a new vibrant look and feel which reflects the vibrant community we have served since 1967. What will you find on the new website?


The new website features all the information important to private postsecondary schools including a list of events, a convenient repository of associate member vendors serving our members, information about student scholarships, and over 100 facilitated, online professional development and continuing education opportunities provided through the APSA Online Training Center.


Make sure you visit the new website at www.arizonapsa.org and tell us what you think!

Scholarships and Grants 
Each Spring, the Arizona Private School Association awards $1000.00 scholarships to every public, private and charter high school in Arizona. The scholarships are for students graduating from Arizona schools, and the high school determines who receives the scholarships.

Applications for scholarships are available through the high school
counseling office each Spring. The application process deadline is April 30th. Contact APSA office at 602-254-5199 for additional applications.

The Special Postsecondary Education Grant (Special PEG) is a non-federal, student-centered, non-need-based grant (forgivable loan) designed to financially support and to encourage college students to graduate from a private postsecondary baccalaureate degree-granting institution in Arizona. The maximum grant is $2,000 per year for up to two years to be applied to tuition, books and fees. The funds must be repaid to the ACPE if the student fails to achieve a bachelor's degree in three years. Students reapply each academic year online at www.azgrants.gov.  
Success Stories from our Members 


**Pima Medical Institute Celebrates 40th Anniversary and Earns Top 3 Nursing Program Rankings


From a small campus with a 3 classroom building in Tucson, Arizona, Pima Medical Institute (PMI) has grown to a multi-campus medical career college operating 13 campuses across the western United States. Founded in 1972 in Tucson, Arizona by Richard Luebke, Sr. and his wife, JoAnn, the first program offered was Nursing Assistant. The program became so popular; classes were added the following year for other medical professions to meet the growing demand.  Pima has continued to grow over the years adding jobs to the state economies in which it operates and producing highly-skilled graduates greatly needed in various medical fields. 


What is the secret to PMI's success?

Pima Medical Institute's 40 years of success is a result of staying true to their mission to improve the quality of people's lives by providing the best value in Medical Vocational Education. CEO, Richard Luebke Jr., says "The only real measuring stick of a school's success is the achievements of its students." It's easy to see that this philosophy permeates the culture of the institution inspiring every employee to change the lives of their students through education. Pima Medical Institute isn't just succeeding at its mission; it is raising the bar in medical vocational education.


Pima Medical Institute's Nursing Programs Rank in Arizona's Top 3

The Arizona State Board of Nursing recently released its 2011 rankings of nursing programs from across the state and listed the campuses of Pima Medical Institute, in Tucson and Mesa as two of the best. According to the Board, the Program Outcome Index used to determine ranking is based on "on time" graduation rates plus the first-time NCLEX pass rate within the calendar year. Based on the criteria, the Nursing program in Tucson claimed the number 2 spot while the program in Mesa tied Arizona State University at number 3.


Pima Medical Institute celebrated their 40th anniversary at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson in a very intimate setting. The resort was special because it was the place where Richard Luebke Sr. asked his son and current CEO, Richard Luebke Jr. to be Vice President. At that time, Pima only had 2 schools. Forty years have passed since the institution's founding but the same core belief that the seeds for future growth must be planted in the classroom still guides Pima Medical Institute.    


Watch the 40th Anniversary Video!  


**Brown Mackie College Schools Nationwide Convert to E-textbooks and iPad 


The Brown Mackie College system of schools ("Brown Mackie College") is adopting technology into education, converting students at its 28 schools nationwide to 100 percent e-textbooks and Apple iPad technology. Through the college's Student Advantage Program, each incoming student will receive an iPad with the applications and textbooks necessary to make the technology an integral part of their overall educational experience.


The initiative is being launched as part of Brown Mackie College national Student Advantage Program - a proactive approach to continual improvement of education quality through technology, academics, career services and facilities advantages. Using Apple technology, Brown Mackie College is on the forefront of integrating technology into education, with the goal of converting its students to using E-textbooks with the iPad. Each incoming student to a Brown Mackie College school across the country will receive a personal iPad preloaded with the applications and textbooks necessary to make the technology the center of their overall educational experience.   


"At Brown Mackie College - Phoenix, we believe that we have a responsibility to help prepare our students for this ever-changing digital world," says Connie Sharp, President of Brown Mackie College - Phoenix. "The iPad will be the key digital tool in the growth and development of our students. This tool will also give our students comprehensive access to their instructors, expanded academic material and resources while enabling them to network with fellow students to enhance their educational experience."
Students with Disabilities: Is Your School Prepared? 

Technology has brought about unprecedented opportunities, medical science has advanced dramatically, and people with disabilities have become more visible in our world as a result. According to a longitudinal study from the National Center for Special Education Research, enrollment rates of students with disabilities increased from 1990 to 2005 by nineteen percent, but are career colleges prepared to serve this rising niche of college students?


Whereas many schools provide a number of accommodations, many still fall short. Attending college requires growth in a number of skills such as social skills, academic skills, self-advocacy skills, independence, and self-confidence yet many accommodations don't address these issues and college staff members who serve the special needs of these students do not have the special training. For instance, if a student with Asperger's syndrome is disruptive, can she/he be removed from a class? Who, besides a blind individual, uses (or needs) a service animal? When are accommodations beyond the legal definition of "reasonable?"      


It is reasonable to expect that college enrollment of students with disabilities will continue to rise and if many colleges are already underprepared to serve the unique needs of this particular student population, this trend of higher enrollments deserves higher attention.  How can Higher Education serve larger numbers of students with disabilities so we don't see the higher enrollments resulting in higher drops? How can career colleges and universities help more students with disabilities achieve success so they can graduate?


Interested in learning more about serving students with disabilities?

The APSA Online Training Center has two courses facilitated by Dr. Jane Jarrow, Founder and President of Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning, and of Disability Access Information and Support. Those courses are CM251 - Students with Disabilities: Legal Obligations and Opportunities and ED201 - Students with Disabilities in the College Classroom.  



 Success Stories 


APSA-Lute news needs your success stories! Please submit news about students, externs and graduates who are achieving success upon completing their educational program, or about exciting things happening at your own campus.  Stories should be submitted typed, proofed and edited for final print to Debbie Rivera, Executive Assistant at apsa@arizonapsa.org.  



Thank you for sharing!

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